Meet the Sheep

I have a few sheep I am raising for wool and to produce some adorable Valais Blacknose cross sheep.

Dobby and Winky

Breed up ewes

Dobby and Winky are Babydoll sheep which will be my foundation ewes. They are very skittish for the breed so it can be hard to get too close, but they love grain and will come up to get it.


The Sire

Kreacher is a 50% Valais Blacknose Sheep and 50% Finnsheep. He has fabulous wool and is super friendly. Here is hoping for some adorable lambs!

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived

Harry is a 50% Finnsheep and 50% Coopworth wether. He was born as a set of quadruplets who were unfortunately too premature at birth. All of his siblings died and his mom died due to complications with the delivery. He was so small his eyes weren’t even open yet. Now he is fat and sassy, he produces wonderful wool and is a very sweet boy.

Ron Weasley

The Best Friend

Ron is a Shetland Sheep wether. He was purchased as a bottle baby to keep Harry company, he was very feral when he arrived but he is now the first to meet you and loves attention!

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