Meet the Goats

I have a small herd of breeding goats which allows me to give personal attention to each animal and their kids.


Herd Queen

Perenelle was my first SCI goat, she introduced me to these amazing and beautiful goats. She is very much the boss of the herd but is a fabulous mother passing on her great udder to her offspring.


Second in command

I purchased Sparrow pregnant, she gave birth to a wonderful boy only 2 weeks after she arrived. She certainly has an attitude and will tell you when she doesn’t like something. She is bossy to the other goats but raises beautiful kids.


The middle management

Clara was driven all the way from New York! She arrived with her sister who died in an unfortunate accident. Clara is the calmest and friendliest of the herd, you still won’t find her snuggling up though. She is pretty low on the totem pole but can hold her own when needed.


The Underdog

Amber came up from California with Napoleon. She bonded to Clara quickly but she still gets picked on by the rest of the herd. She is the most curious of all of the goats and will be the first to investigate anything new


Mamma’s Girl

Fern is the first baby girl born on the farm! She is Perenelle’s daughter and she is very well protected as long as she stays with her mamma. She has her mother’s gorgeous udder and has grown into a nice young lady.


The Herdsire

Napoleon arrived with Amber. He was very tiny and needed to wear a coat in the cold weather. After several treatments he is now a feisty strong male. He will always be fairly small, passing his size down to his offspring.

Honorable Mention

Samwise Gamgee

The Babysitter

Sam is a very sweet Nigerian Dwarf wether who can keep anyone company. He can be a bit bossy and doesn’t always do well with the bucks but he is wonderful with the girls and the babies.


Everyone’s Friend

Little Lightning loves everyone, he has been a great buddy for the herdsire and is very gentle with the babies. He is the only one without horns so he can get picked on but he holds his own too.

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