For Sale

We have animals for sale in the spring and summer after kidding and lambing have occurred, check back to see what is available.

For Sale


Fern x Napoleon

This little boy has very long legs! He comes from a dam and grand dam with perfect udders with good capacity. He would be a fabulous buck for a breeding program focused on milk production. He has become quite the acrobat and has been very robust and active for an SCI. – $350 if sold alone $300 if sold with another goat.


Amber x Napoleon

This is a stunning little man! He is a dark oak color and just a lovely sweet guy. His mom is a first time mom and had 2 nearly 5 pound boys on her first go! She has been a fabulous mom to them and he is growing fast. $350 if sold alone, $300 if sold with another goat.


Amber x Napoleon

This little guy is twin to Gandalf. He is very reddish with a tiny white spot on top of his head. He has a bit of an attitude already, but he just knows what he wants. His mom is doing a great job of raising her 2 kids even though it is her first time. $350 if sold alone, $300 if sold with another goat.


Sparrow x Napoleon

George is so tiny, only 2.5 pounds at birth! He was a surprise on April Fool’s Day. His brother unfortunately didn’t survive birth but this little guy is not wasting any time taking up more than his share of mom’s time and milk! $350 if sold alone, $300 if sold with another goat.

Gilderoy Lockhart

Dobby x Kreacher

This is my only lamb available this year. He is absolutely stunning. He is 1/2 Babydoll, 1/4 Finnsheep, 1/4 Valias Blacknose Sheep. He has so many interesting markings, even a heart on his hip! He is a charmer and a typical active boy too. He has lovely crimps to his lamb wool and will make some lovely wool to spin. I plan to wether this guy so let me know soon if you want him intact. $400 as a ram, $200 as a wether.

Past Sale Animals


Perenelle x Nicolas

This stunning boy has a perfect teat structure and wonderful SCI markings. He will make a fabulous herdsire. SOLD


Sparrow x Gaston

This little guy is spunky but very manageable. He is darkening with age and will have the traditional cape over time. SOLD


Perenelle x Ember

This little girl is very feisty. She is growing into a stunning little girl with her mother’s perfect udder and bossy attitude. Retained – will likely sell in the future

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