For Sale

New kids and lambs arrive each spring. Keep checking back if you do not see what you are looking for. There is a discount when you purchase multiple animals.

For Sale

2021 Kids

$300.00 (buck) / $150.00 (wether) / $350.00 (doe)

It has been a buckling year here at BrierWood Farm. I have one doeling and several gorgeous boys to choose from, all growing nicely. Most of the boys have been neutered so let me know if you are interested in a buck buddy or a pet. There is a discount if purchasing multiple animals. These kids are all still nursing so will need to wait until weaned unless going with their mothers.

Clara AKA Might Dew


Clara was born a triplet but has not been a strong producer for me. She has kidded twins once and a huge buckling this year. Clara struggles to maintain weight and must be monitored closely while pregnant and lactating. She may do better with a smaller herd or as a higher member of the herd. She is my friendliest goat and could make a great pet with consistent work but will need extra care any time she is bred. I did have to pull this year’s kid (6.45 pounds!) and helped with a larger kid last year. If you are interested in Clara’s history I am happy to discuss her with you. She is from New York with good east coast genetics.

Past Sale Animals


$450.00 SOLD

Perenelle is a fabulous mother and has significant potential as a milk goat. She has a perfect udder with high milk capacity for an SCI. She has been on the stanchion and does fairly well with no training, she does crouch a little as you milk her. She has passed on her beautiful udder to almost all of her kids. Perenelle can be bossy with other goats but does work things out in the end. She would love to find a new home with her daughter Fern. She is currently nursing a buckling and is available upon weaning or with her buckling. Perenelle can go with Napoleon to make a breeding herd.


$450.00 SOLD

Fern got Perenelle’s beautiful udder and has passed this on to her kids as well. She is a very petite goat though she is still growing at 2 years old. She is bred to Conan for May 2021 babies and could be sold pregnant to a perfect home at additional cost. Otherwise she will need to wait until her kids are weaned prior to leaving. Fern is very attached to Perenelle and would really love to find a home with her mother. These girls can be sold with Napoleon to make an instant herd.


$350.00 SOLD

Sparrow is in the middle of the herd, she generally holds her own and can go with any members of her herd or by herself. She generally has small kids that grow very fast. She has 4 teats and a smaller udder so would not be a good milk goat prospect. She has a compact frame and generally carries her kids high making her look very large prior to giving birth. She has been a very good mom to all of her kids. Sparrow has twin bucklings she will need to wean or be sold with prior to leaving. She can go with Napoleon or Gideon to form a herd.


$300 SOLD

Perenelle x Napoleon

Gideon was used to breed several girls this year and he did his job well. He has his mother’s fantastic nipple placement and would make a great herd sire for anyone wanting to produce milk. His mother has a huge udder and makes more than enough milk for her twins. Gideon can go with several of the above girls. (he is furthest to the right)


$300.00 SOLD

Napoleon has been my herd sire for 2 years now. He knows his business and has given me twins on all but a first freshener. He has produced beautiful babies, some can be seen in past sale animals. He does have 3 nipples making him less ideal for milk production, but has also produced some meaty kids and he has amazing horns. It is time for new blood, this guy needs a new herd of girls to love or can be sold with any of the girls above. (he is in the pen)


Amber x Napoleon

This is a stunning little man! He is a dark oak color and just a lovely sweet guy. His mom is a first time mom and had 2 nearly 5 pound boys on her first go! She has been a fabulous mom to them and he is growing fast. SOLD


Amber x Napoleon

This little guy is twin to Gandalf. He is very reddish with a tiny white spot on top of his head. He has a bit of an attitude already, but he just knows what he wants. His mom is doing a great job of raising her 2 kids even though it is her first time. SOLD


Sparrow x Napoleon

George is so tiny, only 2.5 pounds at birth! He was a surprise on April Fool’s Day. His brother unfortunately didn’t survive birth but this little guy is not wasting any time taking up more than his share of mom’s time and milk! SOLD


Fern x Napoleon

This little boy has very long legs! He comes from a dam and grand dam with perfect udders with good capacity. He would be a fabulous buck for a breeding program focused on milk production. He has become quite the acrobat and has been very robust and active for an SCI. SOLD


Perenelle x Nicolas

This stunning boy has a perfect teat structure and wonderful SCI markings. He will make a fabulous herdsire. SOLD


Sparrow x Gaston

This little guy is spunky but very manageable. He is darkening with age and will have the traditional cape over time. SOLD

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